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About Eye On Soccer

About Us: Eye On Soccer

Update: May 7, 2020.  You may notice that our site hasn’t been updated in a . . . loooongggg while.  We’ve never stopped watching an following our favorite sport, but we did stop writing about it.  Life happens.  It’s 2020 now, and like most everyone around the world we have been sheltering in place during the Covid-19 outbreak, and yes, we are staying healthy.  We are going to get back into updating this site, and hope you’ll stay with us and enjoy some of the reference material we provide as well as our opinion on matters of soccer.

Who are these weird people that operate this site?

We’re the Sheirich’s (Shy-Ricks), a family with a love and passion for soccer, and Manchester United. We have a mixture of playing experience, coaching experience, and fan experiences over the last 17 years. We invite any weary web travelers who have stumbled upon our site to comment, share ideas and thoughts, or enjoy some of our opinionated posts! We’ll post Manchester United Transfer News, Update our Twitter Feed with Manchester United talk from around the web, and share our ideas with our audience. Manchester United offers fans from all walks of life a chance to unite under something greater than themselves.