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ManU vs Cardiff City Preview

Lineup: On Manchester United’s game vs Cardiff

Naturally, I can’t imagine ManU having difficulties with Cardiff…However! And that’s a big ‘however’… they have struggled where they shouldn’t and been less than prolific in their scoring.

David Moyes seems to tinker every week with the starting 11, and it’s anyone’s guess who will be on the pitch at kick off.  I think that he has certainly had to deal  with injuries, however, he also has a pedantic  approach and is less of a risk taker than Sir Alex, which comes out in the games.

I’ll take a guess at who Moyes will start, and don’t feel it’s the strongest lineup. Just figuring he’ll try to get Fellani in against a struggling side, as well as one of his favorites, Januzaj.

My guess at the starting 11:
DeGea, Evra, Vidic, Evans and Smalling Januzaj, Fellani (mistake to spend so much money on him and keep trying to make him fit…but that’s another story), Cleverly (why I don’t know) and Valencia RVP and Rooney

Hernandez, Kagawa (a shame he’s not a regular starter), Nani, Giggs, Anderson, Lindegaard amongst a few others
Well…we’ll see. I expect 3 points and really hope Kagawa starts.  It’s time for RVP to get a hot streak and start hitting the back of the net more consistently.

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