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MLS Soccer Announce Atlanta to Join in 2017

The MLS announced today that Atlanta will be the newest member of the MLS club.  They will start play in 2017, plenty of time to get their new stadium built.

The team will share the stadium with the Atlanta Falcons, and be configured for 29,000 fans for soccer.  It will have a retractable roof, something no other soccer team in the U.S. has today.  They will play on artificial turf, unfortunately.  I don’t understand how they can expect players to get ready to play the international game when they get so used to playing on A-turf rather than grass.  I guess we just need to be grateful for all the other grass stadiums MLS soccer still has in it’s inventory.

The team is owned by Arthur Blank who also owns the Falcons.  His vision for MLS soccer in Atlanta?  “We are going to build a first-class organization on and off the field that will be a source of pride for the entire community.”  So, take that and run with it!

At EyeOnSoccer, we are happy to see more teams come into the league.  That gives us more chance to get players on the field who may not otherwise have a chance to play at a professional level.  This country is full of great soccer players.   The challenge is finding them and giving them the chance.

This can only be good for the U.S. game . . . as long as we don’t import all the players.

For more information about the Atlanta franchise visit MLS Atlanta 2017.

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