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EPL – ManU vs Aston Villa 3-0

Unusual of late for ManU to be 2 up on anyone, and less than 20 minutes into the match. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t feel that Welbeck works hard enough most of the time, but he’s finished 2 off so far today; working on a hat trick. Subsequent forays into AV’s half see Rooney and Welbeck missing by inches again. Better play for ManU. Valencia is seeing lots of the ball working with Rafael on the right. Let’s hope they keep this up. 2-0 is not enough!

ManU managed to add one more goal from Cleverley in the second half and kept a clean sheet to win it 3-0. Welbeck worked hard as did Cleverley. Both need that kind of consistent play to make a difference. I am still surprised the manager continues to start him…we’ll see if he can put two good games together.

Darren Fletcher made a come back appearance in the second half replacing Giggs. Giggsy continues to play well and lead the side as does Rooney.  While Rooney didn’t score he was a hand full for Aston Villa.  Valencia had the kind of game ManU needs going forward.  All in all, job well done!

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