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U.S. vs Portugal – We are so Excited!

Eye On Soccer Jumps for Joy

Beating Ghana was a must, and the U.S. Men rose to the challenge.  We were SO excited at EyeOnSoccer.com that we just had to jump and shout!  We wore our Group of Death and One Nation Tee-shirts and, frankly, I think it was a main reason the team won.

I can’t prove it, but . . . it just feels right!

But the next challenge is Portugal.  I have predicted that we would beat them 1-0, and I still think we will beat them, but it would have been easier if Chili hadn’t beaten Spain so completely.

Why would that matter?

I can just hear the pre-game speech in the locker room.  Heck, they might already have stickers on their equipment bags.  Yes, they might even have Tee-shirts made up already:

“Do you want to be another Spain?”

Obviously they don’t, and you have to believe they are aware that Spain’s fate may well await them.  They must persevere to survive.

That’s what worries me.

Prior to Spain’s humiliation I think we could frustrate Ronaldo, take him out of his game, and the team would fold up with him in frustration.  Now they each have a reality to deal with ahead of the match with us, and plenty of time to focus and think on that fate.

The match is likely to be another battle, and our guys will have to get up for it, and simply out battle Portugal.  Keep their cool, and play their game.  Bottle up Ronaldo, and take the game to the rest of the Portuguese team with plenty of energy.

Earn that win, and a place in the Round of 16!


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