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US vs. Ghana

What a result!  There are so many positives it’s hard to enumerate them all, but here is my go at it!

  • We won 2-1!  Yeah baby!
  • We broke the old spell of Ghana doing us in at the World Cup.
  • We weathered a storm!  Ghana pounded us, but we kept them out for 82 minutes of pounding on our defense.
  • We did NOT give up a goal in the first 15 minutes.
  • Alexis Lalas can stop Klinsmann bashing now that a Klinsmann team beat Ghana.  Are we really supposed to beat Germany AND Portugal?  Actually I think we beat Portugal . . . and draw against Germany.
  • Altidore is out.  What? you might say.  But we now have the opportunity to realize we can beat teams without having to have a posting forward.  I just hope we get Wondo in there to show how a real forward looks!
  • Jermain Jones earned the game ball in my opinion.  Bradley is NOT the best player on the team, I promise you!

Jones  was a beast today.  He was everywhere and saving our butt routinely.  While I anticipated a win today I thought it would come on a 2 goal lead.  Instead we had a nail biter, and I am frankly surprised that we had possession for 41% of the time!  It seemed more like 30%.

I had thought that Ghana would fade at the end of the game and that the U.S. would be more fit.  But Ghana was ready for us and clearly had the mind-set that they did not want to relinquish their winning record over the U.S.

But they did!

I believe we will beat Portugal in another one point win, and draw against Germany.  This team has hungry players who want to prove the press wrong, and especially those like Alexi Lalas who seem to care more about Landon Donovan than the team as a whole.

Injuries are a concern for the U.S. and Klinsmann will need to make some tough decisions about his starting lineup.  For my money I would start Dempsey out wide with Wondo and Johannsson up top.  It probably will not happen, but I can hope.  Let the U.S. field two strikers that are putting balls in the net and see what happens!

I cannot wait!!

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