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Why Adnan Januzaj is a BIG deal at Manchester United

Adnan Januzaj - 44 Manchester United

Is Januzaj the next big thing at Man United?

There has been quite a bit of news over the young 18 year old star Adnan Januzaj at Manchester United this season; that Moyes may consider building the team around this youngster, and even talk of him being the next Cristiano Ronaldo, though I don’t believe we can even put the two in the same category – yet. We have seen spark, flair, creativity, and goals, all come from the young Belgian who clearly has more in store for United fans.

It’s not just his ability to control the ball in a tight space or the speed of his step over. He has great vision for seeing space in behind defenders and midfielders and has helped the United attack more effectively down the flanks. When he uses is ability to change speed as he attacks a player with the ball he can create space for himself and even beat players on the run.  He has made 16 appearances for United this season, and has found the back of the net 3 times, and his confidence will continue to grow.

But too much confidence can be a bad thing. Sometimes it is apparent that he should pass the ball, but holds on to it. Or even attempts to beat one too many players. Has United’s struggle to find someone to kickstart the campaign landed into the young legs of Januzaj?

While the talent of the young star is undeniable, I do think the veterans and managing staff will need to play a great role in helping the youngster, and the team, succeed. It will take him some time to get used to the physical play of the Premier League, but once adjusted, and with the right guidance, we will see some great things.

Right now, Adnan Januzaj is a BIG deal at Manchester United, and fans want to see more of what he can do.

Stats supplied by Squawka and The Premier League

Here’s A Compilation of Adnan Januzaj – Supplied by 99corrigan1



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