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EPL Tottenham vs Manchester United 2013-12-01

While the game was end to end and quite exciting for a change, the result was another draw, 2-2. Both times ManU had to come from behind to tie it, relying on the goal scoring form and determination of Wayne Rooney. The line up to start was fairly good, although Cleverly was in once again and played the whole game. In fact, his inability to close down Sandro, led to the Spurs’ second goal.  Kagawa was in and did well until they moved him to the outside, switching him with Welbeck. The commentators at half time also noted the play had been more fluid with Kagawa in a central role. I thought Hernandez and Nani were fair subs; Young in no way came close to Valencia’s pace.

Spurs did well coming off the huge defeat last week against Manchester City. Walker was very effective and contributed a good goal on a free kick.  ManU’s wall jumped and the ball rocketed through to net.  Vertongen had his hands full  against Valencia most of the game.  He tended to do just enough, although Valencia was able to send a number of good crosses into the box.

I imagine it was a fair result for two teams that were eager for the points…but alas…this didn’t help ManU’s chance to move up in the table. Two draws in two weeks; points dropped and a place dropped. Nine points behind the leaders, Arsenal, who currently don’t look to be slowing down is going to be really difficult to make up.  The only encouraging thing is that the play has been better.  Hopefully when RVP comes back, he’ll regain his scoring form and we’ll make a go of it.

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