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2nd Leg of Champions League Quarterfinals…. a few thoughts on the announcing team.

Okay—1st! The love affair of Eric Wynalda for Pep Guardiola (Bayern’s Manager) was so over the top.  How many different ways did he praise this guy? He was in love. It was embarrassing. Did Eric not follow Pep during the years he managed Barcelona?  It’s like he never saw him before. Gag! Way too high on the worship meter.

2nd! Give us back the English announcers for these games and toss the ‘hat wearing’ Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda. They bring the ‘too much chatter’ style of American sports announcing to a game that doesn’t need it. The constant dialog takes away from the game. Gus needs to go back to announcing sports in his comfort zone.  Soccer isn’t it! Eric is better in the studio.

The pre, half-time and post-game team of Rob Stone, Warren Barton, usually Eric Wynalda, and of late, Brian McBride. Rob is terrific and Warren has tamed his penchant for overrunning the others and talking about his past playing experiences overmuch.  Brian McBride is a nice guy, was a great national team player for the U.S. and a fantastic international player for Fulham in the English Premier League.  However, his announcing skills still need work. He has improved this season but still needs to work on projecting and relaxing a bit more. He has good input and at least this team allows him to share it. Overall, Rob runs the team well, pulling people in and keeping the flow going while lacing it with  his quit wit.

Lets hope we get a decent group, and not overrun the game play by play with American announcers.  And just because someone has played the game, doesn’t mean they make a good game day announcer e.g. John Harkes and (ugh) Alexi Lalas. Time to retire those two.


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