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ManU draws against Bayern at home in Champions League

There was lots of fan anxiety throughout the first leg of ManU’s quarterfinal play against reigning Champions, Bayern Munich.  ManU mostly defended and were hard pressed to get the ball, and then to string 3 passes together.  Bayern’s time of possession at the end of the game was an incredible 74% to ManU’s 26%.  These used to be the numbers that ManU put up against the opposition.  However, it was ManU’s Danny Welbeck who had the best look at goal, having one called back for a (questionable) high kick prior to burying the ball in the back of the net.  Bottom line was that ManU defended well and the first half ended 0-0.

Moyes brought in Kagawa for Giggs in the second half and the midfielder immediately brought a lift to the side with his quickness and nifty ball handling  skills.  Kagawa eluded a couple defenders to force a corner which Rooney delivered and Vidic finished with a wonderful header in the 58th minute.  Incredibly ManU was 1-up on Bayern. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the score at the end of the game.

For all of ManU’s defending, it looked as if it was well orchestrated, or at least, very well practiced. They’d get 7 or 8 players behind the ball and moved and covered beautifully….until one crucial moment.  Just after I praised Fellaini in the win against Aston Villa on the weekend, he reverted to his more common poor and lackluster style of play.  His passing was poor and he couldn’t get his head on a ball even against a shorter opponent.  In the end, Fellaini was caught ball watching instead of covering his man, Bastian Schweinsteiger, who came up through the middle to finish a pass from Ribbery.  Giving up this critical away goal to Bayern will make it all the harder to pull out a win against the heavily favored Bayern, when they go to Munich for the final leg on April 9th.


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