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I Miss Fox Soccer TV

I Miss Fox Soccer TV

I’m watching Swansea vs. Caridiff today and they mention that Swansea had let go of Michael Laudrup.


I immediately feel lame.  How could I not know that?

I Miss Fox Soccer TV

Fox Soccer

Then I realize.  In the good ole days I had the Fox Soccer channel.   Any time of day or night that I wanted, I could turn on the the TV and switch on Fox Soccer.  I could rely on the fact that I would see something on soccer.  I could catch Sky Sports News or a Fox Soccer news broadcast, if not a game.

It was without question an easier task to keep up with what was going on in the soccer world.  I could catch them in the morning, at lunch, over dinner, or any time in the evening and catch up on the latest.  With my DVR I could just record a show if I couldn’t catch it live.

Now we have NBC . . . uh . . . sports.  We get “all” the Premier League matches (and if I go out to NBC Sports Extra I can get “all” the games) which is without question a good thing.  With Fox they added games but split them between Fox Soccer and Fox Soccer Plus, but the problem I had was that my Comcast didn’t offer it . . .

With NBC we get all kinds of sports.  They aren’t really into providing the soccer fan with information at the level we got with Fox Soccer.  They want to be all things to all people, and they want to “own” sports broadcasts.  So they snag up the most popular soccer broadcast in the U.S. – the Premier League – and combine it with all the “other” sports they own broadcast rights for.

I’m glad we are still able to view what I consider the best soccer league in the world, but I really wish we had more soccer new on TV.

I miss my Fox Soccer TV . . .

Don’t you?

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