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1st Half Action Excites Man United Fans

Di Maria Goal Celebration

The score is 3-0 over QPR at the half on a day when Rio Ferdinand was honored for his years of service to the squad, and the team came out in a 4-4-2. Di Maria on a beautiful free kick, Ander Herrera and Rooney slotting home balls in tight corners resulted in the 3 goals. Lots of new faces, much better ball and player movement, and excitement!! RVP hasn’t seen much of the ball, but he still pulls off defenders allowing for space of the others. Rafael is back as right defender and has supported the offense, as has Johnnie Evans. Blind’s passing, movement and distribution in the center midfield has been inspired along with Ander Herrera.

The one ‘oh-oh’ moment was a long ball back which appeared Rojo was going to handle, but De Gea decided to get. The loose ball allowed for a shot but luckily Johnnie Evans was back far enough to cover and clear in front of the open net. The announcer said maybe it was a miscommunication between the keeper and defender…then laughed when he realized they were both Spanish speakers. Otherwise, the 4 in back were much better balanced and allowed for the midfield players to be ready to receive and distribute the ball, as opposed to having to defend.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of the same in the second half and no drop off of play. Happy Day so far for ManU fans!

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