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Manchester United win the battle against Leicester City

United have had somewhat  of an uneven showing since the start of the new year. Drawing against Stoke 1-1, beating Yeovil 2-0 in an FA Cup match, losing to Southampton 1-0 early this month, recovering and beating QPR 2-0 in the next, then drawing against Cambridge United, a League Two side, in the FA Cup.  It seems Louis van Gaal’s confusion with his formation and lineup are causing his players just as much….therefore the uneven results.

The good news is that United are still in the top four. The bad news is they’ve got Arsenal breathing down their neck with Tottenham and West Ham not far behind.

Today sees United with a strong starting lineup in a 4-4-2 with a diamond in the middle. Still, there is a lack of connection and anticipation which stymies the play going forward. There is always  an edgy nervousness watching their games as a fan these  days. We don’t look dynamic, fast or smooth in our attack, or in our play out of the back. Lots of backward passes, stagnant runs, and unfortunately, uninspired, play. It’s certainly not for lack of talent.  I just don’t think van Gaal is getting it right and the players have lost some of their basic instincts while trying to follow his instructions.  He’s trying to fine tune it too much and his tinkering is taking them out of their game.  We saw what tinkering and trying to insert a manager’s scheme can do with the Moyes debacle.  Well, I guess time will tell whether he has the winning formula, as wFalcao vs Leicester Citye play out the second half of the season.

At almost 80 minutes in…Manchester United are looking ‘fairly’ comfortable with a 3-0 lead against Leicester City. I think Leicester’s second half substitutions have edged possession to them somewhat.  And… low and behold, they’ve just dragged one goal back.

Again it appears that Phil Jones got lost, got caught ball watching and left his man.  Jones has also,  more than once, gotten in the way of his own teammates. Our center back positions are vulnerable.  Whether it’s Jones, Smalling or Evans, we just don’t look comfortable in central defense. Ah, bring back the glory days of Ferdinand and Vidic!

Final score 3-1 Manchester United on the backs of Robin van Persie, Falcao and an own goal.  We’ll take it!


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