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Die Mannschaft = wunderbar!

Germany Group Hug

Wonderful, powerful, impressive—Germany! They routed Brazil in their semi-final game, 7-1. For a 10-15 minute period in the first half, Germany scored 5 goals against a hapless, shell-shocked Brazil.Germany routs Brazil

But I get ahead of myself. The pregame build up was an incredible production predominantly dedicated to Brazil. Okay, so they’re the host. We’ve been here for 4 weeks…enough already. So finally, game on, but once the scoring glut was on, the cameras couldn’t get enough of the crying Brazilian fans. Excuse me, but there was another team playing in this match. We saw a brief shot of the German fans in Berlin when Klose scored his history breaking 16th goal, and a couple shots of the outnumbered German fans in the stadium. That’s it. Before, during and after it was Brazil, Brazil, Brazil.

So… Auf Wiedersehen Brazil!

I think after Klose’sKlose goal which was the third, even the German players were looking around to see what was going on. Brazil was outmatched, outplayed, outscored and out of the tournament. The defense was disorganized and porous. But even more than the terrible defense of Brazil was the lethal offense of Germany. They politely passed the ball back and forth in the box as if to say, ‘you take the shot’, ‘no you’, ‘oh, alright..thank you’. Crazy. Crazy fun if you are a German fan.

Next up…Netherlands vs Argentina. Another highly anticipated match. I think this will be a much tighter game. Argentina has been getting stronger throughout the tournament, and their defensive display in their quarterfinal game against Columbia was really good. They are not now relying solely on the play of their super star, Lionel Messi, but rather on the team effort. On the other side, the Netherlands with their Energizer winger Arjen Robben have definitely come to play and give it their all, in this World Cup. I feel like the Dutch will come out the victors, but it’s pretty hard to call. Robben vs Messi

What a tremendous World Cup this has been, and the best part is, it’s not over yet. A great display for the sport.

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