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Quarterfinals: Germany vs France & Brazil vs Columbia

Hummels scores

Game 1: Deutschland über France 1-0 in the first game of the round of 16. Germany scored early on a set piece and held on for the win. Kroos to the head of Hummels and in the net past Lloris the French goalkeeper.  It was a descent game between the two European giants, with a few chances for both sides. Klose started for the German side but was unable to get the right service and his 16th World Cup goal. The last good chance coming from France’s Benzema inside the 6 yard box. Another good goalkeeper save from Neuer and the German’s were able to see the game out in the few remaining seconds.Benzema shoots

Germany will now have to gear up for the winner of the Brazil-Columbia game…Brazil.


Game 2 over: Brazil is through, having won 2-1 over upstart Colombia. One of the ugliest games we’ve seen in this competition

– Brazil scored an early soft goal on a corner which was poorly defended by Colombia on the back post.

– In the 70th minute, Brazil scored a second goal and are leading Columbia by 2 goals to nil. Free kick by David Luiz and poor placement of the Colombian goalkeeper. Great kick though.David Luiz goal celebration

– Unfortunately, Columbia’s flare has been squashed by fouls and an inability to move the ball through Brazilian defense.

– Brazil is doing their usual diving and game wasting tactics and the Spanish referee is allowing it.

– 78th minute and Columbia has been awarded a penalty. Goal James! Game back on.

– One of my beefs with a lot of the lesser players is that they have the hero complex. You know….I’m going to take the hard shot myself, instead of making a pass and keeping possession. A number of Colombian players forced shots near the close of the game.

-Colombia made it interesting at the end of the game, but Brazil held on for the win. The dynamic player James Rodriguez was emotional with his team’s loss, but gave the world some exciting moments and goals.

Congratulations to Germany and Brazil on going forward. We’ll see if Germany can exact some revenge against Brazil.

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