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English Soccer is Back (almost!)

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We have the official word from the English Premier League that, “provided that all safety requirements are in place” play will resume June 17th! Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal will get their make-up match played, and full season play will begin Friday the 19th. All games will be behind closed doors.

Note that this date will still need to be confirmed once they can be assured that the safety requirements are met. You can read about those here.

With 92 games remaining, and still some uncertainty over a potential second wave, getting all games played will likely be a rough schedule for all teams. There is also discussion about play in “neutral” stadiums to avoid fans from congregating outside the stadium. Game times will be as follows:

EasternPacificPlayed On
3:00 PM12:00 PMFriday
7:30 AM4:30 AMSaturday
10:00 AM7:00 AM
12:30 PM9:30 AM
3:00 PM12:00 PM
7:00 AM4:00 AMSunday
9:00 AM6:00 AM
11:30 AM8:30 AM
2:00 PM11:00 AM
3:00 PM12:00 PMMonday
1:00 PM10:00 AMMidweek
3:00 PM12:00 PM

The Championship League has also announced a start for June 20th, and are targeting to complete the season around the end of July. There are 108 matches left in their season.

League One and Two are somewhat undecided on restart, though the League Two clubs have unanimously asked to have the season curtailed. League One have not made a firm statement yet.

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