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World Cup Bits and Pieces

World Cup Day 3 Groups C & D

– If you haven’t watched John Oliver’s take on FIFA…. check it out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlJEt2KU33I

– Alexi Lalas said the U.S. team would not make it out of the group.  Alexi!!! Weren’t you ragging on Klinsmann just last week for saying the U.S. would not win the World Cup. As Taylor Twellman pointed out, Bruce Arena said the same thing in 2002.

– I find it a lot easier to listen to Ray Hudson as an analyst on beIN Sport’s than when he announces a game. Although allowing the other analysts in the group to get a word in would be nice.  I find his breathless voice and his commentary peppered with ‘Ray-isms’ so distracting. However, you can’t say he’s not an interesting guy. Majesterial!

– “Rebecca Lowe is extraordinary. She knows her football, she has no need to be alpha dog, she knows how to get alpha dogs to deliver their best commentary, she is even-handed, she has a wonderful presence on camera. NBC has a real winner in her”. This comment was posted by William Courtney of Purdue University after her interview on the Dan Patrick Show. He hit the nail on the head. It’s refreshing that she doesn’t feel the need to have that ‘in-your-face’ style so prevalent on ESPN. The women there all seem cookie cutter and may feel the need to do the ‘Chris Berman’  style to stay in step with the male announcers. http://www.danpatrick.com/2014/05/09/rebecca-lowe-breaks-epl/

– Hopefully Taylor Twellman is the heir apparent (and soon) to Alexi Lalas for the U.S. Soccer Analyst spot. He is such a breath of fresh air and reason! Alexi Lalas has it out for Klinsmann to the point of absurdity. He takes all the ‘joy’ out of listening to the pre/post game analysis shows. His obvious dislike of Klinsmann, which spills to the other German American players is caustic! Get him off the telly!

– Game on! Brazil 3- 1 Croatia.  Unfortunately, the game was marred by a dive by Fred late in the second half to give Brazil the go ahead goal.

– Giovani dos Santos was robbed of two goals in the first half of the Mexico / Cameroon, but came away with a 1-0 result when Peralta put the ball in the net in the second half. Cameroon was mostly on their back foot as Mexico moved the ball around freely and dos Santos had a brilliant game. They were very entertaining to watch.

– At this writing, the Dutch are leading Spain 3-1 on wonderful goals by Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben, and a surprise knock in by Stefan de Vrij. Spain’s goal came on a controversial dive/penalty by Diego Costa.

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