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World Cup Day 14: Shaqiri Shines but otherwise, it’s just a build up to Day 15

On the eve of the US Men’s National Team’s big game against Germany, Day 14 wrapped up with France and Switzerland moving on in Group E, and Argentina and Nigeria in Group F.  The France and Ecuador game ended in a 0-0 draw, while Switzerland beat Honduras 3-0. Shaqiri who plays for Bayern Munchen scored a hat trick for Switzerland. Argentina and Nigeria had lots of goals, with Argentina pulling out the win 3-2 winning the group. Nigeria had enough points even with the loss, to advance. The fourth game was Bosnia-Herzegovnia versus Iran which ended 3-1. Neither team advanced although Iran had an outside chance.

All eyes will be watching the Group G games tomorrow since none of the teams have clinched a spot in the knockout round. They have been fit, played hard, never given up and left it all on the pitch in each of their first two games, and I expect we’ll see the same tomorrow. Here’s hoping they move into the knockout round because they deserve to.

Good luck U.S.A.!

The talking  point of yesterday as the whole world knows, was the biting incident in the Italy-Uruguay game. Luis Suarez’s participation in the World Cup and after, has yet to be determined by FIFA after biting Italian player Chiellini. Uruguay are painting him as the victim, and that biting is just part of the game. Unbelievable. If biting other players is just part of the game, why don’t we see more of it? Because it’s unacceptable, that’s why! He’s not 3 years old anymore, he’s an adult. It’s such an awful, creepy, and unsanitary thing to do to another person. Hopefully, Chiellini is current on his tetnus shot.  To overlook this incident, not come down hard, is to condone it. But, time will tell what his fate will be in the remainder of this World Cup.

Go U.S.A.!

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