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World Cup: Day 13 Bites…uh…Bits and Pieces

OMG another biting incident by Luis Suarez of Uruguay. When is FIFA, the FA, Liverpool going to wake up about Luis Suarez. He has definite mental problSunSuarez biteems and control issues. Or maybe he’s just iron deficient. At any rate, he bit Giorgio Chiellini of Italy on the back of his shoulder in the third group game today. Then, he grabs his jaw, drops and rolls like there’s a fire drill, to throw the officials off the scent. Later he says these things happen in football/soccer, he put the blame back on Chiellini, saying it was his shoulder hitting the jaw. The Italians were making too big a deal about it. Seriously? You can see him come behind, open his mouth and move his head down to Chiellini’s shoulder.  Unbelievable! It was a huge game for both teams; the end result deciding who would move on and Italy was already down to 10 men.  The referee made no call, didn’t card him, even when shown the bite marks (he and the line judge said they didn’t see anything).  A minute later, Uruguay scored the winning goal, moving them into the knockout stage and sending Italy home.

So it’s up to FIFA to do the right thing and start an immediate ban. No Round of 16 play for Suarez. On the video you can clearly see him open his mouth wide, jump up a little in order to come down on Chiellini’s shoulder. It’s time for them to show what they’re made of and send him home. Football/soccer organizations cannot continue to reward problem players. His cheating, scummy, biting, diving, character overshadows his talent.  FIFA need to ban him and the longer the better!  This is the third time he’s bitten a player….that we know of anyway. Do the right thing FIFA.

So enough of that…how about those Greeks?  They just wouldn’t give up and were rewarded at the death. An unfortunate foul in the box by an Ivory Coast player on Georgios Samaras and a penalty was awarded. What heart pounding drama…and we weren’t the ones having to take the penalty. But, Samaras, who played a good game, took a good penalty kick and scored the winning goal. 2-1 and the Greeks are moving into the knock out round.

Japan held on as long as they could against a marauding Colombian team, but in the end, they were undone,  4-1. The 4th goal was a fantastic goal  scored by their young rising superstar, James Rodriguez. Columbia topped Group C and Greece, amazingly, came in second.

And then we have the last game of the day, Costa Rica vs England. Yawn. Costa Rica had already qualified leading the group and finished drawing against England. It’s really unbelievable that England could field such a talented team and not score more than two goals in three games. Today’s lineup utilized players who hadn’t seen much, or any action, in the first two games like Lampard, Wilshere, Foster, Shaw, Smalling, Jones…they went to the bench, and still couldn’t muster a win. Back  to the drawing board for the Three Lions.

Well, end of a day of action, drama and shoulder biting  controversy.Suarez gets a collar

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