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World Cup Final – Bring it On!

I’m excited for this World Cup final. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Europe vs South America: It’s not just all European as it has been the last two times.  In fact, since the War 32 of the 44 spots in the final have been European, and of the last six times that there have been a European team vs South American, the European’s have won four. One of those winners was Argentina (1986), and the other was Brazil (2002).
  • Argentina playing the final in Brazil: The two national teams (Brazil and Argentina) are long time rivals, and there is a certain “smack” to this final considering the way Brazil was ousted.
  • Germany vs Argentina: In their 1990 Cup final Germany won 1-0.  This year Germany has been a real powerhouse, but Argentina has been no pushover as they steadily defeated opponents, and gave up only 3 goals while recording four shutouts in six matches.
  • Germany’s Klose: Can he extend his record-setting World Cup scoring record to 17 or beyond?  He has been outstanding in his World Cup play.
  • Argentina’s Mesi: Can Mesi become the new Maradona WITHOUT having to cheat while winning the World Cup?  He already has four goals this Cup, and has been an all-out team player serving up great balls to work the team through the midfield and into the final third.
  • Coaching:  Argentina has played solid throughout their matches and having their outside back make runs and deliveries into the attacking third.  Germany has been aggressive throughout the tournament in a very similar manner as in 2010.  Will they get conservative they way they did against Spain in 2010, or keep their foot on the gas?

I can’t wait!

But then . . . it will be over.

Bring it on!

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