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EPL: Tough week for Manchester United

David Moyes
David Moyes

Moyes looks on the play

Two 0-1 losses in a row to Everton and then Newcastle United. It’s almost too much to contemplate. Hard to imagine that the players need any motivation, but their play suggests it. Records seem to be falling for ManU, but not in a good way. Everton hadn’t won at Old Trafford for 21 years. Twenty One Years!! But Roberto Martinez’s side achieved what Moyes, as the Everton boss for 11 years, couldn’t.

ManU are becoming a mid-table side. Moyes is certainly comfortable there, as that’s where his Everton side were, during much of his tenure there. He can’t seem to decide who to play, and the ones he should change out, he doesn’t. His old side Everton, now stand 9 points above ManU and are playing good football. The ManU players look tired and uninspired and that’s on the manager. He swaps Fellaini and Cleverly in the mid-field, and neither give him an advantage…in fact they both have flaws in their game which are a disadvantage. Cleverly has too many errant passes and isn’t a play maker. Fellaini doesn’t work back hard enough and when he does, he fouls a lot. I still have to point to Arsenal getting Ozil and we get Fellaini…which manager made the better choice?

Moyes needs to utilize the talented players he has, work harder to settle on first team players that can develop some chemistry together, and quit experimenting with the one or two players he keeps trying to ‘make’ fit.

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