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A Less than auspicious start….

LVG and Giggs Consult During Swansea

We’re back to the start of another Barclay’s Premier League Season. Unfortunately, despite all the hype, the new Manager, formations and players, Manchester United was back with a similar result as last season, losing to Swansea City 1-2. Much anticipation, first game of the season, home game, but they couldn’t find the necessary fire to bring home a winner.Rooney pic in opener

Manchester United were coming off a pretty good summer of build up play under their new Manager . They thrilled their audiences and fans in the United States playing against teams such as Real Madrid, Valencia and Liverpool, and winning the International Cup. Should have instilled some confidence in the squad considering the number of first team players who were on the tour. However, a number of the them did not start due to injury problems and so no Welbeck, Valencia, Evans, Shaw; RVP was sitting this one out. To be honest I thought the back line did well enough, and I haven’t seen enough of Shaw to know if he’ll be a big factor going forward.

Would sure like to hear the locker room talk from Van Gaal after his managerial debut was ruined by this somewhat lackluster loss. Just when it looked like the Reds were taking the game in hand after equalizing, Swansea City had their moment and scored on a restart.

I think it’s a real shame that Patrice Evra is no longer on the squad, as his type of play up the wings would have been perfect in Van Gaal’s system. For some reason the press and announcers were pretty harsh on him and yet he sent in some of the best crosses and was a threat running up and down the wing. I don’t blame him for taking the opportunity to leave considering ManUnited brought in Luke Shaw. But here we are with Shaw injured and Young not the best option.

Well….too bad the first game of the season and our opener at home got off to the wrong start. I’m hopeful the hype on Van Gaal and his usually slow starts will turn out to be to be true and ManUnited will make this a season to remember for all the right reasons.

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