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RVP’s Fergie Time Goal gives Manchester United the draw.

RVP scores for draw against Chelsea

Manchester United played one of their best games in recent memory, and were rewarded with a 1-1 draw against the leaders, Chelsea. This was like the old days when they often scored in the final minutes under Sir Alex Ferguson.

After finishing nil-nil at the half, Didier Drogba scored off a corner to give Chelsea the lead. De Gea had just made a fantastic one-on-one save, after Hazard slithered through the ManU defense, only to be scored on, on the resulting corner. Rafael was defending against the taller Drogba who got to the ball first and headed it home.

Chelsea seemed to sit back some at that point, as is their usual strategy after taking a lead. Manchester United’s play didn’t drop off,  although the crowd got a bit quiet for awhile. For me, Luke Shaw had his best game yet.  He was able to support the attack numerous times by driving up the wing. Di Maria did not have one of his better games with errant passes, shots and crosses. However, he was driving to Chelsea’s endline when he was fouled by Ivanovich. Referee Phil Dowd showed Ivanovich his second yellow and sent him off. Di Maria’s best service came at that point, which Fellani got his head to. Courtois made a terrific save but the rebound was driven into the net by Robin van Persie.

The game was punctuated by lots of fouls, yellow cards, complaining and controversy. However,  for Manchester United it was a terrific result. It may not have been 3 points, but they fought back from a one goal deficit and were rewarded with 1point.

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