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Welcome fan support at Old Trafford despite loss to Liverpool.

liverpool-celebration-over-unitedManchester United fans were supportive of the squad despite the uninspired play and loss to Liverpool. It was good to see the fans on their feet at various  times during the game, in particular near the end, and singing their saddened hearts out. A season such as this, especially after having won league last season, is when fan support becomes the most difficult, and when it is the most needed. Kudos to the ManUnited fans, keep up the support!

In watching today’s match, it wrankles that Liverpool’s current style of play is how ManU used to consistently play.  This year we are flat, unimaginative, and creating fewer and fewer scoring chances. The two NBC commentators sitting in a box at Old Trafford remarked on the lack of connection between Van Persie and Rooney. True. But how could so much change from the prior two seasons?  It’s not the first season they’ve played together. How can we not point to the largest factor which has changed…that being the manager. Moyes spends so much time nit picking on the touch line. How often did Sir Alex stand on the touch line unless he was showing the time on his watch to the 4th official, or complaining about a call to same?  I can only guess it’s because he’s trying to press his agenda on the squad and it’s causing confusion and obviously, not working. It’s truly hard to fathom that we could be struggling so much.

Two of the three goals given up were penalty kicks (PK’s) today. More hard luck records again as ManU hadn’t given up a PK at Old Trafford since December 2011, and hadn’t ever given up two PK’s in a game.  Ever! Gerrard could have branded his place in the history books as the only player to ever score a hat trick with an unprecented three PK’s but, luckily for ManU fans, he hit the post!  Unfortunately, the third goal did come towards the end of the second period, and was scored by Suarez against 10 men United.  Vidic having been sent off when the third PK was given for a dive by Sturridge in the box.

Dropping back into 7th place with this loss and at this late in the season makes even a shot at the Europa League a vanishing hope. It’s been a dismal display which can hopefully be turned around here at the end of this season, and give us a boost into the next!  Come on you Red Devils!!

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