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EPL-Cardiff City vs Manchester United 2013-11-24

ARGGHH. Cardiff 2 – 2 Manchester United.  What a frustrating game for ManU fans! This is the type of result that I’m coming to expect under David Moyes. He left two uninspired mids, Cleverly and Fellani, on the pitch. Two strikers who should have done better, Welbeck and Rooney, couldn’t win it for us with the few chances they got. They all should have done better.

And then…Unbelievably we concede a tying goal in stoppage time.   We gave away too many free kicks, sent too many long balls up and were flat in the central mid.  The commentators at half time couldn’t work up any positives for Cleverly either, but United keeps trying to use him. He’s just not effective enough, gives up the ball in bad places, and doesn’t work back hard enough for me.  Rooney did well to come back and help in defense.  But knocks on Rooney today were the bad first half foul and the unbelievable chance and no finish at the end.  Overall, it was not a stellar performance and another we just seemed to want to see out at the end.  I blame that on the manager, Moyes.

On the other hand, I have to hand it to Cardiff, who I have supported on many an occasion. Their fan support is fantastic and they’re fun to watch.  The Cardiff players passed really well and worked hard for each other.  I think they also controlled the midfield and deserved the point.  I just wish it wasn’t against us.

Games ManU should win…they don’t. Who is to blame?

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